Site Plan Review, Subdivision, Boundary Line Adjustment Forms

Site Plan Review Application

The overall purpose of the site plan review is to plan for the design of commercial, residential and industrial development when it occurs on a single parcel of land and to assess the suitability of the proposed development to the natural conditions of the site and compatibility with surrounding uses.  Through site plan review, it is the intent of this local law to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Village.   It is also the intent of this law to ensure the conservation, protection, preservation, development and use of the natural and manmade resources of the Village through the review and approval of site plans. 

Subdivision Application

The Subdivision Regulations for the Village of Fort Edward apply to any person, partnership, association, joint venture or corporation who whishes to effect a subdivision.  These regulations shall be administered by the Planning Board in cooperation with the Village Board, the Village Engineer, the Village Attorney and other agencies.

Boundary Line Adjustment Form

A boundary line adjustment is the process that is used to change property lines of existing parcels.  The process can be used to do a number of things, such as: combine two (2) or more adjacent parcels into one (1) parcel, alter the boundary between two (2) parcels, or reconfigure the shapes of parcels.  In every instance, the boundary line adjustment process will yield the same number of parcels that you began with, or fewer.  The boundary line adjustment process is not used to create additional parcels. 

Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) Short Part I

Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) Short Part II and III

Long EAF
The full EAF is designed to help applicants and agencies determine, in an orderly manner, whether a project or action may be significant. It is intended to provide a method whereby applicants and agencies can be assured that the determination process has been orderly, comprehensive in nature, yet flexible enough to allow introduction of information to fit a project or action. 

Short EAF
New York's State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) requires all state and local government agencies to consider environmental impacts equally with social and economic factors during discretionary decision-making.  The short for is to be used for UNLISTED actions only.  

For more information on New York's State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) OR TO DOWNLOAD THE SHORT OR LONG EAF FORMS visit the NYS Department of Conservation website.

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