Village Code Book

NOTE:  This is a reference only.  There are several chapters that have been modified/updated.  These local laws have not yet been incorporated into the actual code book.  The village is in the process of reviewing and updating this book.  Contact the either the Clerk's Office or the the Code Enforcement Officer with questions.


Code Book- Table of Contents                        Code Book- Chapter 1-41

Code Book- Chapter 42-64                             Code Book- Chapter 65-93

Code Book- Chapter 94-End                           Code Book- Index



Local Law 1 of 2014- Littering 

Local Law 2 of 2014- Moratorium on Building Demolition in C1 


Local Law 1 of 2013- Override Tax Levy

Local Law 2 of 2013- Moratorium on Building Demolition in C1

Local Law 3 of 2013- Moratorium on Building Demolition in C1

Local Law 4 of 2013- Solid Waste Collection and Disposal


Local Law 1 of 2012- Amend Nuisance Properties

Local Law 2 of 2012- Override Tax Levy 

Local Law 3 of 2012- Prohibition of Synthetic Cannabinoids

Local Law 4 of 2012- Amend Chapter 94 (Water)

Local Law 5 of 2012- Moratorium on Building Deomlition in C1 


Local Law 1 of 2011- Cross Connection Control


Local Law 1 of 2010- Roger's Island Annexation

Local Law 2 of 2010- Moratorium on Tattooing, Tattoo Parlors, Etc.

Local Law 3 of 2010- Amend V&T


Local Law 1 of 2009- Outoor Furnaces

Local Law 2 of 2009- Amend V&T

Local Law 3 of 2009- Control of Dogs

Local Law 4 of 2009- Control of Dogs

Local Law 5 of 2009- Amend Subdivision

Local Law 6 of 2009- Amend Site Plan Review 


Local Law 1 of 2007- Nuisance Property

Local Law 3 of 2007- Stormwater Management

Local Law 4 of 2007- Illicit Discharge