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James Donahue, Director of Recreation
Open June-August

2021 Staff: Olivia Fisher, Noah Duket, Kaleb Dorsey, Bryce Tyler

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Recreation Programs

FIELD TRIPS Permission Slip


(f/k/a McIntyre Park)

In 2013 Mullen Park playground got a makeover!   The project was initiated by C2C of Fort Edward (also known as LIFE/Let’s Involve Fort Edward), a nonprofit organization formed more than a decade ago in an effort to bring more opportunities to youth in the community.  Through business and cash donations, many fundraisers, and numerous grants such as $15000 from KaBOOM, $10,000 from the Glens Falls Hospital Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play (CHP2LWP) Program, and $5000 from the Charles Wood Foundation, C2C has raised close to the total of $52,000 for the playground in almost two years. 

Constructed by dedicated community members on May 8th, the new playground equipment is now being used by smiling children throughout Fort Edward.  It is a beautiful space to be enjoyed by the community, and we ask all families to commit to keeping the space safe and clean for our children.

When your family visits the playground this summer, please keep in mind:

The new playground at Mullen Park is designed to be a fun retreat for Fort Edward families, and with the community’s help, the village can keep the space safe and neat for years to come.

See you at the playground! 



Fitness TrailAt the entrance of the Fort Edward Industrial Park sits a picturesque pond and located just beyond the pond awaits recreational opportunities galore!   With the help of a grant from Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play (CHP2LWP) through the Glens Falls Hospital, in the summer of 2012 a brand new fitness trail was installed by the village street department.  

Seven exercise stations along with signs describing the activity lie throughout the area.  

The outdoor fitness equipment includes:  

Strength & Stretch Bars                   UnEven Bars                  Back Extension                 Sit Up Bench          
Spring Balance Beams Bounding Bars Pommel Horse  

For a complete description of each station click here.



(Owned & Operated by the Town of Fort Edward)
(518) 747-9434

The pool located at Bradley Beach.  For more information, including hours of operation, contact the pool or town office at (518) 747-5212.