Dave Armando, Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector

Office (518) 747-4023

Cell (518) 502-4146

Fax    (518) 747-0476

The Building and Codes Department is responsible for issuing building permits, conducting code inspections, and coordinating meetings of the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.  This department will conduct building consultations and site visits for zoning and planning application assistance.

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Village Zoning Map

Village Code Book (NEW)
The Village Code book is currently in the process of being reviewed and updated.  NOTE: There have been local laws adopted which haven't been incorporated into the code book.  Use this code book as a reference.  Contact the either the Clerk's Office or the the Code Enforcement Officer with any questions.

Code Book- Table of Contents

Code Book- Chapter 1-41

Code Book- Chapter 42-64

Code Book- Chapter 65-93

Code Book- Chapter 94-End

Code Book- Index

NOTE:  The village code book has been updated over the last several years.  These local laws have not yet been incorporated into the code book.  The village is in the process of reviewing and updating this book.  Please contact the village office to request updated information.