Financial Information

Financial Information 

Village Fiscal Year:  June 1-May 31

Budget Process

February 8th-  Budget Office provides written notificaiton to each department head requiring the submission of estimates, schedules and statements for the following fiscal yar.

March 1st- Each department head must submit an estimate of revenue and expenditures for the following fiscal year.

March 20th- On or before March 20th the Budget Officer must file the tentative budget with the Village Clerk.

March 31st- On or before March 31st the Village Clerk must present the tentative budget to the Village Board of Trustees.

April 15th- On or before April 15th a public hearing must be held on the tentative budget.  This must be noticed in the official paper for the village.


2023-2024 Annual Budget; Adopted April 13, 2023

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