Clerk’s Office

Janelle Rose, Clerk/Treasurer
(518) 747-4023 x1

Diane Eddy, Deputy Clerk
(518) 747-4023 x2

Fax: (518) 684-2242

Holiday Schedule

The Clerk/Treasurer is subject to the direction and control of the mayor.  However, state law imposes numerous responsibilities upon the clerk, which the clerk has an independent responsibility to perform.  The treasurer serves as the chief fiscal officer of the village. 

Most of the village clerk’s duties are set forth in Village Law §4-402, which partially provides as follows:

Pursuant to Village Law§4-408, the treasurer is responsible for:

*In addition to the above outlined responsibilities as taken from the 2012 NYCOM Handbook for Village Officials, the village clerk/treasurer assists the board of trustees in the planning and preparation of the annual budget.