Fitness Trail

At the entrance of the Fort Edward Industrial Park sits a picturesque pond and located just beyond the pond awaits recreational opportunities galore!   With the help of a grant from Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play (CHP2LWP) through the Glens Falls Hospital, in the summer of 2012 a brand new fitness trail was installed by the village highway department.

Seven exercise stations along with signs describing the activity lie throughout the area.

The outdoor fitness equipment includes:

For a complete description of each station click here.



Follow the path around the park.  Take in beauty of the surroundings.  As you stroll around the fitness area four times, you will have walked ONE MILE! 

You can access the area by car, bike or foot!  Plenty of parking spaces and direct access to the Feeder Canal Bike trails. Signs mark the way!  Click here for more information on the Feeder Canal Alliance.  Come see what the beauty awaits! 


Click here for additional information on recreational activities in the village.